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Tangata Tiriti

“Tangata Tiriti” - The Raparapa the fingers of the maihi symbolising the Tangata Whenua entwine with the fingers of the Tangata Tiriti. The red is the Māori and the black the non-Māori who belong to the land by right of the Treaty. Black not because of evil but because of the darkness of a lack of knowledge and understanding of a very different culture in a new land. The two are coming together in the clasped hand. The white symbolises the hope of peace and willingness to accept the differences and similarities of the two.

1. Acrylic on MDf 50cm x 50cm (framed)

A finalist for the Molly Morpeth Canady 2021 Award.


Maori, print, Minoan, Greek, limited edition, New Zealand, graphic, pattern, ocean, wall art, indigenous
50 x 50cm (WxH)