Ken Clark, one of the few New Zealand artists to be selected for the 'On Screen' project at the Saatchi Gallery in London, was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1957. His early work has been mainly in film and television as a film and videotape editor, animator and director. Ken has also tutored CGI and Stop Motion animation courses at Ara Institute of Canterbury/CPIT and wrote the  New Zealand Qualifications Authority  (NZQA) approved, course 'Introduction to 3D animation' used by the National College of Multimedia and Technology. He has a Graduate Certificate in Design from CPIT and a BFA (Hons) from Canterbury University. His artwork divides into two areas, figurative and abstracted images, but both usually start with filmed or digitally captured images. Multilayered images arise in which the seemingly certain reality is questioned. By applying abstraction, he finds that movement and close observation reveals an inherent beauty independent of the object itself. His works isolate the movements of humans and/or objects and by doing so, new realities are created which reveal the inseparable relationship between the artist and the viewer.

He has works represented exclusively in Miami by d|a|c (design art concepts), nationally by 12 Gallery and Chambers Gallery, and internationally by Linus Galleries and has been accepted as an Affiliate Artist with Viridian Artists Inc.  NY.


Artist Statement

As a youngster I filmed stories and animated pictures and objects, making static things move. Creating a new visual reality.  I then worked for over 25 years in film and television, again manipulating moving images. I have now changed my focus. Rather than making things move I want to explore the stillness within motion and what realities lie within the microseconds between motion. Even though my work finishes as a still image it starts out as motion picture film or video. I am so used to editing, animating or adding special effects on a computer that I find a computer is the way to realise my view, an enhanced reality. What I show is my visual interpretation of a reality and in my reality the viewer will always see their own reality.


Bodies in Movement (Group Show)

Millepiani Gallery,Rome, Italy, 1st - 11th February 2019



BSA Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, August 2018


Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery, Christchurch,  New Zealand,  September/October 2017

Lights Camera Action

12 Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, August 2017

Time Frames

PGgallery192, Christchurch, New Zealand, May 2 – 27, 2016.


The Healing Power of Art 2019

Manhatten Arts International "Arabesque", Award of Excellence,  January - March, 2019

Eclectic Art

Windsor Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand, June/July, 2018

NZ Art Show

TSB Arena, Wellington, New Zealand, May-June, 2018

Night Vision

AfterMath Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand, December, 2017


Linus Galleries, On line, Long Beach, USA, October, 2017

Analog v.Digital

Foley Gallery, New York, USA, August, 2017

Artbox.Project Basel 1.0

"Euroairport" Basel, Switzerland. June, 2017

The Sunday Show 

12 Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, May, 2017

CityScapes Art Exhibition, Special Recognition Award

Light Space and Time Gallery, Jupiter, FL. USA, February, 2017

Water and Sky & Sea of Art

bG Gallery, Santa Monica, USA, February, 2017


12 Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, January, 2017


LACDA, (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art), Los Angeles, USA, January 12 - February 11, 2017

On Screen Project,

Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, December, 2016-


Contemporary Art Gallery Online December Art Competition.


LACDA, (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art), Los Angeles, USA, December 8-31, 2016

Artbox.Project Miami 1.0

Miami, FL, USA, December, 2016

2nd International Juried Exhibition "Show Your World"

Gallery MC, New York City, USA, November 10 - November 22, 2016

'WE LOVE PEOPLE' photography exhibition at

Atelier Alen, Baaderstr. 34 in Munich, Germany. August, 2016


15th Annual Summer All Media Juried International Art Exhibition

Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, NE, USA, August, 2016


 Art Exhibition Figurative,  Special Merit Award.

Light Space and Time Gallery, Jupiter, FL. USA, July, 2016


CPIT Exhibition

CoCa Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1999



Uni Shorts, International Student Film Festival.  

Best Experimental Animation, Auckland, New Zealand, October 2016


Uni Shorts, International Student Film Festival

Finalist Fiction Category, Auckland, New Zealand, October 2014

 2014 Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards  

Nominated for a ‘MOA’ (NZ 'Oscar'), Auckland, New Zealand, October 2014

'Illusions of Motion" 

listed in the Clermont-Ferrand 39th Short Film Festival Catalogue. 2014 

'All the Years of Trying'

The Raindance Festival, The Apollo West End, London, UK. September 30 - October 11, 2009,



The Museum of Television & Radio November 1 to November 23, 2003, in Los Angeles and November 8 to November 30, 2003, in New York

2003 New Zealand Academy of Film and Television Arts 

Nominated for Best Contribution to Design Award 

'Lenny Minute'

Cannes Film Festival Nominated for Palme d'Or (Best Short Film) 1993,  Ann Arbour Film Festival (US), Jury Award (Best Narrative Film) 1994 

 'A Silent Welcome'

Christchurch International Film Festival, 1976

'The Imaginary Zoo'

3rd in the New Zealand Section, BBC Television. ASIFA, ICOGRADA Animated Film Competition, 1973



Selected for inclusion in Art Domain's “Who's Who in Visual Art” 2018

Included in the HIMMELBLAU Art Compass2018

Accepted as an exhibitor in Emergent in the NZ Art Show 2018

Ugly Linus Galleries, October 2017,

ART Habens Art Review, August 2017

ART Habens review of Time Frames I

"Artist Ken Clark's work explores the individual frames that make up a moving image, to consider the vital relationship between direct experience and visual interpretations. In his cross-disciplinary project Time Frameshe accomplishes the difficult task of triggering the spectatorship's' perceptual and cultural parameters. The power of Clark's approach lies in his insightful and unconventional inquiry into the viewers' perceptual processes, using in strategic ways he generates new practical and theoretical perspectives."

Full article at:

Analog v. Digital   

'Wotisart', magazine, UK, July 2017

"A5" magazine, UK, June 2017 

Water and Sky & Sea of Art

15th Annual Summer All Media Juried International Art Exhibition  Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, NE, USA, August 2016 

"KEN CLARK of Christchurch, New Zealand has a sense of elongation in terms of his pictorial space and his work "Conception" shines out. The high saturated color together with the central light effect helps to speak out about the birthing process. In a similar format, his "Phoebe 16031" is an intermixture of the pixelated with the tighter realism suggestive of a kind of mystery woman. The intense yellow contrasting color adds to a kind of dynamism." -   Laurence Bradshaw: Professor Emeritus, Art and Art History, University of Nebraska.  (Juror)


 'The New Zealand Artist' magazine May/June 2016. Featured Artist: Ken Clark pp38-41

NZ ON SCREEN online showcase of New Zealand Television, Film and Music